Feel Nawab, Eat Kabab in Hyderabad !

17th Jan 2017
Photo of Feel Nawab, Eat Kabab in Hyderabad ! by Travel Fanatic
Day 1

Hello there ! So let me take you through the travel experience to Hyderabad. I started before this day in the Hussain Sagar Express that starts from Chhattrapati Shivaji Terminus. This train reaches the next day to Hyderabad. It was a good journey to travel in the train. By noon I had checked- in into the hotel and had my lunch too. I got fresh once I was in and after lunch proceeded towards the Golconda Fort. Its an amazing sight seeing place and the Sound and Light show is worth there which explains you in detail about the fort with light effects. In the late evening I was back to the hotel to have my dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2

Today was a day where in I was about to move to the place which was too beautiful. I visited the Ramoji Film City and its beautiful, it makes you feel like being a part and understanding the in depth of the Film Industry. Bollywood, Tollywood and god knows how many woods other than the Hollywood has been here for their sets and shooting :P But its beautiful with rides and alot to do in the Film City. Its brilliantly made and time spending there is too good. In the evening I also visited the Snow World it has in Hyderabad. Again, enjoying the snow with people and the sledge and the discos is too good. I experienced the snow and enjoy every bit of it. Felt like I was a mice who entered the freezer and its absolutely amazing in there.

Day 3

Good Morning !! I was a bit in a nostalgic mood today and history is no better explained in museums than anywhere else. So I proceeded to the Salarjung Museum and cameras weren't allowed to get in, so I couldn't take my camera in, but I enjoyed the Museum and everything it had to offer. I spent a good amount of time and I had my lunch. I was just passing my time about in the noon. In the evening, I made it to the Hussain Sagar Lake and the boats they cruise around. Its a great experience to have.. small cruises always make it enjoyable wherever a tourist tours. It was around 8:00 PM and I headed back to hotel but on way back, I purchased the famous Karachi Bakery Biscuits. Trust me, the one who eats one cookie will never ever get satisfied eating one. The person will end up tasting more and more. I somehow controlled my taste buds and diverted them to the dining hall where I had my dinner.

Day 4

Gooood Morning... !! I did not have much plans as special today, so what I did was .. I visited the Charminar and took alot of shots of it. I loved the place and having alot of clicks of it. In the noon I headed to the Nehru Zoological Park and it was worth a time spending there too. I got back and started my packing stuff, also I later passed some time in the room with my writing stuff. I dozed off and I got up at 9:00 PM and headed to the dining again. I completed the check-out formalities and went off to sleep.

Day 5

Hello People... Byee Hyderabad.. I proceeded to Secunderabad there on and I had my train " Konark Express " back to Mumbai. I hopped onto my coach and next day early morning I had my Mumbai Arrival by the train. I enjoyed the place thoroughly, though the city has now become a populated commercial center and also has a huge influence of IT Based companies so it becomes a slightly less exciting place.. I have other international travel plans that I would surely do once I get comfortable with the plan and most importantly, the finance !

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