One day of my experience with Hyderabad

Photo of One day of my experience with Hyderabad 1/1 by RajKoti Chauhan

Hello everyone

Read and know what happened today

Today I have traveled 200 kms in and around hyderabad. I started my journey in the morning at 9:30 and it ended at 11:30

Actually today my experience of hyderabad is a great approach for us for our future projects to launch soon in hyderabad with the help of all medical colleges

First I saw two women and interacted with them. They gave a reason for their begging. We don't have crops this year even our sons and daughters are suffering so we came to city to support ourselves.

Second the girl is begging in her style where both of them don't have or left to eat

I controlled traffic

I suggested and told and scolded people

All are educated and y r u behaving like this.many of them respected and traffic policemens thanked me for giving awareness to public

Actually bikes are first problem in creating traffic

This is at dilsuknagar

While I was going from uppal. I saw two old people got down from bus. They were from village wearing dhoti. Auto walla ran to him I was observing all the scene from a side. He started bargain and saying too much price. Then I suggested the old people to get into bus then they did. Autowala told me what about us,I suggested don't cheat farmers cheat the rich who can dance according to u r money based talks.

Later we traveled to outskirts of hyderabad

Wn we are going

There was a fresh accident at outer ring road. At Ghatkesar . Car turned upside down

People suffering and people are taking selfies and photos

No one is coming forward to help

I shouted at all the idiots those who are doing that. Suddenly ambulance has come. They took them to hospital.


Saw barren lands

Musi river flows

All the agricultural land around hyderabad turning into plots In a diameter of 30 kms.if u have doubts check out

Later we returned to sainikpuri

As soon as we entered a person fell over road and having fits. We put keys and some iron bar and supported him. Looked out people not to get crowded. Later he came to normal condition.people thanked us and appreciated

Later at saroornagar

We went to more.we saw two street childrens selling of them was handicapped

We asked them about their situation

We requested them that we will join you in school and get education and better life. A person who is selling specticals aside told us if you take them, their mother bring them and put over same work.

Incredible India

All are mad at something

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