Druk White Lotus School 1/11 by Tripoto
Priya Parashar
3 idiots school was our next destination for the day. We registered ourselves at the reception and then they took us with a batch of some 25 people. The guide will tell you some facts about school. We weren’t allowed to interact with the students. Visitors are only allowed to see 1 wall of the school where the shooting of 3 idiots happened and that's it. You can avoid it.
Shruti Bhargava
The school originally called Druk Padma Karpo school , also known as Druk White Lotus and with the epithet, Rancho's school. Its been conferred as one of the most beautiful schools in the world by BBC, London in 2016. 3 Idiots has made this school so popular that the school has become one place to be visited by the tourist. There is Café with our actor's pic . The school is really huge. It wasn't allowed to click infrastructure and students' pic, so I didn't, but yes The 3 idiot shooting spot is here -
Ashwin Sarda
 Our first stop was the "Druk White Lotus" school (Famously known as "3 Idiots school").It has become a tourist attraction after the movie released in 2009.The last scene of movie where Rancho build his own learning center is being shot here. Mid-way to the lake is "Changla Pass" @ the height of 17,000 ft. One can find a café serving hot Maggi/tea/coffee named "Changla Cafeteria" promoted by the govt. This stop was refreshing as the journey was getting bit cumbersome & tiring. Road down from the changla pass leads through Tangste and other small villages. As you reach near the destination the lake shines with dark blue hue gratifying your vision & senses. 
The 'Clicking' Nomads
As we approached Leh, our stomachs were growling & Nawang ji took us to Rancho’s Cafe for lunch. The Druk White Lotus School, now popularly known as Rancho’s school runs on donations where kids needn’t pay fees, the canteen being named Rancho’s Café after 3 Idiots was shot here.
We left Pangong at around 11am after getting all typical shots of jumping and getting clicked in the midair, we reached Leh City to enjoy a relaxed evening with some bonfire, music and conversations! Check out the 3-idiot fame Rancho school too (Druk White Lotus school). They have 15 minute guided tours in the school for visitors to show you the shooting point and also why is it awarded by BBC for innovation. Reach there before 5 and carry some cash to buy 'All is Well' fridge magnets or other souvenirs from the school!
Arjit Anand
The school got famous after the film 3 idiots was shot here. This was shown as "Rancho's School" in the movie and they still use that name for tourists. The visit to school was a good experience. The school uses some of the amazing technologies to preserve energy. The tour to the school was for free but the interaction with students was strictly prohibited. Would have been nice to interact with a few students.