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Druk White Lotus School

nikhil Satpute
Prajakta Satpute
Set on the return journey after spending these precious moments here even though your heart says the opposite. The 3 Idiots fever is not yet over as there is the famous 3 Idiots School awaiting you. Step in and see the The Idiotic Wall.You can also visit the Thiksey and Hemis Monasties on the way before concluding the memorable day.
Priya Parashar
3 idiots school was our next destination for the day. We registered ourselves at the reception and then they took us with a batch of some 25 people. The guide will tell you some facts about school. We weren’t allowed to interact with the students. Visitors are only allowed to see 1 wall of the school where the shooting of 3 idiots happened and that's it. You can avoid it.
Shruti Bhargava
The school originally called Druk Padma Karpo school , also known as Druk White Lotus and with the epithet, Rancho's school. Its been conferred as one of the most beautiful schools in the world by BBC, London in 2016. 3 Idiots has made this school so popular that the school has become one place to be visited by the tourist. There is Café with our actor's pic . The school is really huge. It wasn't allowed to click infrastructure and students' pic, so I didn't, but yes The 3 idiot shooting spot is here -
Ashwin Sarda
 Our first stop was the "Druk White Lotus" school (Famously known as "3 Idiots school").It has become a tourist attraction after the movie released in 2009.The last scene of movie where Rancho build his own learning center is being shot here. Mid-way to the lake is "Changla Pass" @ the height of 17,000 ft. One can find a café serving hot Maggi/tea/coffee named "Changla Cafeteria" promoted by the govt. This stop was refreshing as the journey was getting bit cumbersome & tiring. Road down from the changla pass leads through Tangste and other small villages. As you reach near the destination the lake shines with dark blue hue gratifying your vision & senses.