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Shey Palace

Shey palace: Our next destination was Shey palace which was only 4 Km away. Built on a hillock at Shey village it was the summer capital of the kings of Ladakh since king Deldan Namgyal built it in 1655. He also built a monastery inside the palace complex in the memory of his father Singay Namgyal. When the Dogras of Jammu invaded Ladakh in 1842 the Namgyals abandoned the palace and fled to Stok Palace to make it their safe permanent residence at the opposite side of the Indus river.The monastery houses a 39 ft (3 storied) statue of Sakyamuni Buddha along with various beautiful murals, paintings and manuscripts. However, special permission is required to be allowed inside the monastery. There is also a golden chorten spire and a small shirine inside the complex with murals. Close to the shrine there are rock carvings of five Dhyani Buddha. The small palace is located below as an abandoned fortress and is however dilapidated. The palace complex offers a panoramic view of the surroundings bordered by the Stok range on the side. Some kind of ceremony was going on inside the complex and the tune of some folk song along with the sounds of cymbals and trumpets that was coming from that side was creating a beautiful ambience. Some locals had come to offer puja to the shrine as part of a marriage ceremony. It was time for us to take leave from the place and head to our last destination before lunch.
Vidya Sundaram
Get used to climbing inclined roads and driving through mountain bends because Ladhak is the land of passes and every place of attraction is located high up.
Priya Parashar
The last destination of the day was Shey Palace. The monastery here was more rugged and you can call it off beat due to the less people visiting here. It indeed is a nice construction example.
Ankita Upadhyay
On the way back to Leh we visited Druk White Lotus School better known as Rancho School which is located in Shey , Leh . School staff gave a walk through the school and the place where shooting was done exactly . There is a dedicated wall in the school depicting picture of 3 idiots . It has a cafe as well named as Rancho cafe .
Upasana Venaik
After taking a good amount of pictures we left for the Shey palace a.k.a Shey monastery, being the ancient summer capital of ladhak. The Shey Monastery or Gompa is located 15 kilometers to the south of Leh in LadakhThe palace is mostly in ruins now, was built first in 1655, near Shey village, by the king of Ladakh, Deldan Namgyal. It was used as a summer retreat by the kings of Ladakh.Here also we climbed a little, took pictures and came back. Opposite to Shey palace is a small Shey palace restaurant running with a market. Here you can enjoy tasty tea and can also shop. A small pond with n no’s of ducks is also there next to the sitting area, where you can simply sit and enjoy the view of snow laden mountains and see a clear reflection of the same in the water.