Shirdi Bus Depot

Bhargav KVRK
My brother and I, were crossing the Shirdi bus stand where the crowd had already become thin as it was nearing 9 pm. Just out of curiosity, we ventured and asked a conductor, "Is there any bus to Sapta Shrungi?" "Yes, bhau, catch my bus till Nasik and then take the early morning 4 am bus to Vani," he replied, showing his bus. "I can wait for you for the next 10 minutes if you are coming" he added. This casual gesture from him was very convincing. I looked at my brother, trying to find his view and he nodded. Has the bulava come? We hired an auto and rushed to our dwelling- the Sai Ashram Bhakti Nivas and came back in little less than 10 minutes with some essentials for the morning and some money. Strangely, there was no trace of that conductor and his bus but the enthusiasm remained.