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Damanganga River Front

Tanvi S
On 24th morning, at 8am in the morning, I was picked up from my home dressed casually in shorts. There was no plan, except a coffee from McCafe at McDonald's. We headed for coffee, placed an order for classic with extra shot and then I yelled - let's go to daman! What say? Bff - yeah, coffee on the move! And that's how we started our roadtrip to Daman which is like 150kms and 2h 39m away from Mumbai!We headed through Mumbai - Gujarat NH8 Highway. So roads were very good. As soon as we were heading to Daman, I came across a board reading Silvassa. I - do you think we can make it to Silvassa. Bff - why not? Check where should we go at Silvassa. I opened Google places and came across a place Damanganga river front. Place looked exciting and just 13kms away from main highway. We were soon about to enter into union territory of Dadra Nagar and Haveli. The roads were kinda okay. When we reached Damanganga River, the river front was closed. It was already 12.30pm and we were hungry. We decided to have lunch at Lord's Kamat resort. The restaurant had beautiful river facing view but sadly, it also served non-vegetarian food. So we left from there with nothing great to see and decided to have our food at Papillon restaurant at Vapi on highway itself. Food was yummy. After that we headed straight to Daman.