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a weekend gateway at Daman... which have two separate areas, called Nani Daman... and Moti Daman, divided... by Daman Ganga River.Daman was ruled...

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. Daman is perfect substitute... for such travellers. Daman... Daman at west and Silvassa... at East. We decided to go Daman...

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Top Places To Visit 3 Spots

Moti Daman

Moti Daman is fully an administrative place and a very quite place to be in Very laid back scene in Moti daman ensures you get peace at all the times Roads are absolutely clean Trees are planted all across Moti Daman Beaches a sure No go for anyone who is coming here for sea side romantic evening or to enjoy sea side relaxing getaway Sea water is very muddy. Kindly think before venturing in
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Veera Da Dhaba

You can enjoy at beach up to 9 pm after that all stalls are closed and coast Guards not allowed you roaming after it. Then we all feel hungry so we went to one of famous restaurant of Daman name "veera da Dhaba" means Brother's restaurant in punjabi. It is a punjabi theme based restaurant famous for its punjabi cuisine. Dhaba is a punjabi word which is used for roadside restaurants in punjab . Here you can find perfect punjabi environment like they arranged khatiya (cot beds) instead of chairs like in punjabi style and open air restaurant. After take dinner we all travel back to vapi and wish best future to our friend. Then we travel back to vapi to become again prisoner of working life. The overall effect of Beach, alcohol and punjabi food are enough for get a perfect hangover. Really i am waiting for such hungover again.  
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About Daman

Earlier known as Damao or Kalana Pavri (meaning lotus of marshland), this was the settlement of the Portuguese for about 5 centuries. The Portuguese had to later leave the place with the end of the colonial rule in the year 1961. This place was discovered by a Portuguese sailor named Diogo de Mello when he was shipwrecked due to a storm and at last found himself on this coast. The region has witnessed a number of wars and a huge evolution of different types of races and civilizations. This has given rise to the present day Daman which is peaceful and where a variety of cultures have united together. The town lies along the Arabian Sea and is quite laid back. The Damanganga River separates Daman into the Nani Daman in the North and the Moti Daman in the south. There are still a number of Portuguese buildings and churches here which are as beautiful as they were a few decades back.

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Daman is from October to March

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