Pulga 1/15 by Tripoto
A village in the Parvati Valley, is about 2895 mts above sea level, the onle way to reach Pulga is to walk from Bharsheni.
Aman Raghuwanshi
Accidentally we reached PulgaNext morning we decided to leave for Kheerganga, so we took a bus from Kasol to Varseni, and then planned to trek to Kheerganga from there. But in the bus we met a guy who was from Israel, he told us that there was a party in Pulga, so we decided to head there. Pulga is a village which is situated remotely at top. Therefore, you have to trek to reach up. I planned to stay there but other guy(Rajiv) who was with me decided to leave for Kheerganga as he had to go back to his place next day. I searched places to put up in Pulga and found a decent place for 200 bucks. Then in the evening, i left for the party, it was on a secret location in the forests which was not far from Pulga. There were many things in the party like good music, location and other things which i cannot mention here. But as i am not a party animal, so i decided to come back to my hotel to have a dinner. I can assure you, the food in the most of places in Himachal is awesome. The party went on until next morning, if you are a party animal then you can find many parties in the Parvati valley to have fun.
That Funny Guy
The trek to Kheerganga is 6 hours long. The best way to enjoy a challenging climb like that is to do it hungover. The best way to deal with the hangover is by playing loud music that echoes across the mountain face throughout (hardcore sarcasm). With a mellow soundtrack, screen-saver like landscape to gaze at and a natural bathtub reward waiting for us, we trekked on. When we finally got to the top, the sun was just disappearing behind the mountains and the air was getting chilly. Which could only mean that it was hot-spring time!
That Funny Guy
Pulga is a small village in the Parvati Valley that hasn’t been soiled by the commercial aspect of tourism, yet. Our homestay was on the edge of the thick pine forest and was run by lightning-fast trekker and roller, Ramesh bhai. He was always in a good mood (I wonder why). We spent the first few days there. The difference between this trip and the last was how fast everyone got comfortable around each other. By the end of the first day, we were having meaningless conversations about our hatred for cats, Trump winning the elections and micro-penises (don’t judge).
I actually visited Kalga, a village near Pulga, but Tripoto isn't showing the same. Now this is one place where you would go like "OMG! Does it even exist? Or am I high on something?! Looks like a wonderland to me."; Very remote and much less commercialized, Kalga happened to me by chance, and I am lucky enough it did! If you are looking for some random conversations and activities, Kalga just isn't the place for you. Its more like the place you would switch off your regular life for a while and keep it at a standstill! Hiking up the beautiful trail to reach Kalga, a lazy person like me would want to give up, but once you reach the village you realize why its worth it! Be stunned at nature. Chill at the less crowded beautiful cafes and reflect on your life while sipping hot coffee! The perfect treat for a wandering travel hungry soul! You can trek up from the Dam near Barsheni and will take you around 45 minutes (I was lucky enough to find a cabby who not only dropped me at a much higher spot, but waited hours for me to return! making the trek considerably easier.) If you have time in hand, consider visiting Pulga as well and stay here for 2/3 days. Must Visit: Stoners Cafe, Lazy Cow cafe. (didn't explore much) Must do. Close your eyes and breathe in the awe and let the wind romance you!
Nithin Chandy
Pulga and Tosh are the villages which way up than Kasol. Buses and taxis are readily available for you or you can just trek all the way up. Pulga village is untouched by the modern facilities till now. You have to trek the way up to reach Pulga village. Villagers travel all the way up and down for their daily needs. One thing you should miss is the wood forests at the end of the village. You can feel vibe while walking through these woods
Koustav Biswas
Everyone got up quite late and having hot water in the tap was little prob still we got ready by 10 AM after having breakfast we set out for Pulga. It is indeed very beautiful.  We stayed at Boom Shiva. After having lunch we went to fairy forest, explore the place divided into tiny groups.  It was fun. We spent a lot of time in the evening in fairy forest.  There was no sound except that of a falling waterfall. So the night was a journey through some peaceful good time from the monotonous city life. Then we had our dinner and one of our friends had his birthday. So we celebrated then again we were busy at star gazing before falling the curtain for the day.
Raghav Gupta
PULGA (2895m) and KALGAFrom Tosh, we went on day-trips to Pulga and Kalga. Both the places are 1hr hike from the Barsheni Bus Stand. The trail to these villages passes through ‘Fairy Forest’, a dense Deodor jungle with hardly any people around to ask for directions too. At the end of Pulga village and in the middle of a rice field, we visited Boom Shankar Café – a roof top café with chilled out ambience. These triplet villages of Pulga, Kalga and Tulga are some of the most beautiful, quaint and friendly villages in the valley and a must visit for any traveller.Must Visit Cafes: Boom Shankar Cafe
Abhishek Chaudhary
A paradise away from the crowd just below the beautiful sky full of stars . 2 hours trekk to reach Pulga. PS: It has best marijuana .
Arjun Mahajan
Don't miss the mysterious jungles of this place
Disha Kapkoti
A village, majorly known for the Pulga Dam (under-construction) that we crossed on the way to Kheerganga.