Stok Palace 1/11 by Tripoto

Stok Palace

rysha hamza
The last one on our list was Stok palace. To get to the service center in time, we would have had to skip Stok. Since it was on the way back, I suggested that we do a flying visit. But I changed my mind seeing the long flight of stairs leading up to the palace. It would take more than thirty minutes to go and come back and we didn't have the time. Since we had come all the way, Azal felt it didn't make sense to not enter the palace. We got into a bitter argument at the end of which, he went ahead and I waited near the jeep, cooling my nerves with a stroll down the village. From Stok, we went straight to the service center which was closed, just as we feared. The fight continued. So when I visited the Shanti Stupa, Azal refused to come with me.