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Sydney CBD

Teesta Isser
Sydney was our home base. We started the trip with a week here and ended it here with a week too. So there are a couple of things that I absolutely must recommend: 1. Hogging on lamb chops and red wine at the Opera Bar, at night, when the city's lit up and a chilly breeze gently inspires you.... (and you don't have to fight the annoying birds for your food) 2. We went for skydiving with Sydney Skydivers. One could probably choose a more scenic Byron or Cairns, but in all honesty, as you plummet to your death from 14000ft, you tend to forget about the hills and the meadows and the ocean divine. It's all just spit from your mouth all over your face. 3. Pubs & Bars- The Blue Ivy, Bavarian Beer House on Manly wharf, The one tiny dance place in Darling Harbour (It's the only one, on the first floor, with blazing red lights- You can't miss it), and Kingscross (if you dare). The best thing to do would be to walk around on the streets and meet other people and just make new friends and go where they're headed. 4. Ferry to Darling Harbour. 5. Also take the train to Milsons point from Circular Quay and walk to the wharf next to Luna Park. That point is THE ULTIMATE view point of The Harbour Bridge and The Opera House. 6. I didn't go to Bondi beach. On principle. I'm hipster like that. But I hear you must.
Lauren Hughes
Today we have had a wonder around the city and its amazing. I completely love it. We have taken a trip to the harbor to see the bridge and the Opera house. We might have also stopped in a few shops on our way down, but you will be pleased to hear (mum) that I haven't managed to spend any money on clothes just yet! Tonight we are off out to the Side bar (in the basement of Wake Up) so we have bought two boxes of goon (boxed wine) on the way back, ready for drinking games before happy hour!