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December - February
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Sydney Jet

Sagnik Basu
Port Jackson. Enough said.
Jenny McIver
I accidentally timed my visit to Sydney to coincide with their annual Australia Day celebration. It was a happy accident as the city was one big party that day. Unfortunately, the Bridge Climb was booked up during my entire stay (always book that in advance!) but I did get to witness a terrific fireworks display over Darling Harbour. My first stop was the famous Sydney Opera House. It looks beautiful in pictures but I must say it was amazing up close. I’m not sure how many pictures one could possibly take of this building but I’m going for the record. The other major attraction in Sydney Harbour is the Harbour Bridge. It’s funny to see the constant stream of people climbing to its top. Wish I could have done that, it looks really cool up there. With the holiday, there were a TON of boats out on the water and since that looked like a lovely way to spend a few hours, I found the ferry terminal and bought a ticket to the far beaches at Manly. Mostly, I just wanted the ferry ride through the harbor but the beach was gorgeous, too. For my last day in Sydney, my plan was to check out the famous Bondi Beach. Bondi is a huge beach and was very crowded even at 10 am when I got there. I found a good spot and settled in for a while enjoying the atmosphere.