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Camp 6 - Bhandak Thatch

Vachana Shetty
Beskeri to Bhandak Thatch Date: May 10 2014 Feet: 11000ft to 8000ft Kms: 12 kms Time taken: 9:00AM to 3:00PM Difficulty: Easy Experience: Zoheb decided to call it quits and head straight to Kasol and he tried a little to convince me to do the same. I was hell-bent on visiting Bhandak. I had read in some blogs that it is the best camp site. And what a dreamland it was. Even the route from Beskeri to Bhandak is a pleasure walk. Not difficult at all as you are descending but also because the white landscape slowly becomes fresh green and that transformation gives such joy. The joy of seeing cattle grazing, of people soaking in some sun of trees, of leaves after 2 days of complete snow.. Bhandak Thatch Camp: Soon, we were at Bhandak which is probably the most beautiful place on earth for me so far! You are surrounded by snow clad mountains but you are on grassland. It was also special because, 8 out of 9 girls had decided to go straight to Kasol. So, I had a private tent. And what a cute, cozy tent it was! The initial excitement started dying when I realised I have to sleep alone. But my favourite dog took it upon himself to be there for me. He just wouldn’t leave my side. Wherever I went he followed me and he slept inside the tent as well. Knowing he was there to protect me let me sleep in peace. Will remain grateful to him :) The 22 of us(who decided to go to Bhandak) walked around looking at the beauty of nature, when a fellow trekker played a folksy gujarati song and before we knew, all of us were grooving(atleast moving) to the music. As it started getting cold, a few of us got into the tent to play some cards but in a bit it was snowing.. The soft snow kinds.. So, we got out and played in the snow, throwing snow at each other and the dog, screaming in excitement and just living the moment to its fullest. The night ended with 2 full hours of awesome dumb charades with torch lights on the person acting.