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My advice, DO NOT rent a bike there as you won’t have much to drive. Kasol to Tosh is just 20 kilometers, we had to rent because we did not have time to go into taxi and trek for two kilometers as we had a bus in the evening.Tosh is a very small village, similar to Malana but yet different. Barshaini, which was the base for Kheer Ganga is also actually a base for Tosh too. You can trek 4 kilometers to Tosh from Barshaini or the another option being, the bikes.We had a really good time in Tosh, which is really a very beautiful village, with a lot of cafes with awesome ambience. Being there, I felt the urge to stay there for atleast 15 days, doing nothing but sit by the river with a book and a coffee.We sat by the river, with Maggie in the plate, sipping tea and talking about things, things that do not matter but little did we know, we were creating memories, memories so beautiful that they will always make us smile.And another awesome journey marks its end.This post was originally published on A Public Diary.

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Best time to visit Tosh is from March to June


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