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Blue Lassi Shop

Rohith T V
Blue Lassi Shop, Kachouri Gali, Manikarnika Ghat, Varanasi Thandhai with Bhaang Thandhai is a drink made of boiled thick milk, almonds, saffron, elachi and sugar. This is served chilled and it cools your body as well. Hence it is called Thandhai.One more important ingredient provided on choice is Bhaang famously known as cannabis. Fortunately, I was in Varanasi on Holi festival when Bhaang was freely flowing all over the city. Once you have it you are "Bhaang -On" The effect of Bhaang is intense and it creates hallucinations to your mind. Bhaang is considered as an offering to Lord Kashi Vishwanath, diety of Varanasi, and so we find them sold legally (only limited quantities along with Thandhai) at the shops.
5. Thandai or Lassi - There are many shops offering thandai and lassi in the main Chowk and also in the ghats. The famous one is the Blue Lassi Shop close to the Assi ghat. There are many flavors available like strawberry, mango , chocolate but I would suggest to try the basic one to get the taste. The important part is that Bhaang (byproduct of weed) is legalized here and you can always ask for Bhaang lassi . Each glass range from 50 INR to 150 INR depending on the flavors.
Palak Checker
There is a lot to try for all the food enthusiasts. Blue lassi is the most famous 75 years old lassi shop in the small streets and offers the best lassi in town. Being in Banaras and not trying out on Bhang Thandai would be an offense ;). Deena chaat bhandar bubbles up your savory taste buds. Litti chokha, the regional dish with a heavenly serving of ghee should be on your check list. As you sit by the ghats, keep sipping lemon tea.
Lassi made with actual fruits and flavourings. They have an extensive variety of flavours and it's a huge serving so order cautiously. Extremely delicious and worth every penny.