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Darbhanga Ghat

Darbhangaa ghat, situated in close proximity to Dashashwamedh ghat, this ghat has a beautiful architecture. The grand building mainly comprises of tall pillars and balconies over it. The ghats is used for performing rites and rituals of the demised.Other Tourist attractions:
Michael Pargal
We arrived at VNS airport on a fairly convenient Indigo flight from CCU Kolkata in the early morning. We'd chosen a hotel called Brij Rama palace which was very close to the wedding venue on the ghats and came highly recommended by a local friend. The hotel car got us till the Rajghat from where we transferred to a boat. This is where our adventure began. The boat took us past several of the 80+ ghats. We could see people swimming, washing clothes, fishing, praying, and riding boats in the water. The one thing that strikes you is how dense the construction on the ghats is. It's temple over temple over house over fort over the steps - repeated 80 times over. The eastern bank of the river is empty by comparison because vaastu shastra recommends that ghats face East and therefore the West bank is where the city is located. We passed by a Nmami Ganga trawler which is a Modi government initiative to clean up the Ganges.The three sights that caught my fancy during the first boat ride were: 1) The imposing Alamgir mosque which sticks out on top of the Panchganga ghat due to its incongruous Mughal architecture against the largely Hindu motif2) The cremation fires burning at the Jalasen/Manikarnika ghat; the fact that children were bathing in the river on ghats either side of the funeral pyres made me realize that people have a more stoic acceptance of death here than in any other city 3) Prayer party boats (for lack of a better phrase). There are these dinghys that go back and forth along the ghats with loud speakers playing bhajans to the tune of mostly raunchy Bollywood songs. Some men dance on the front - high on either ganja or religion!We arrived at the hotel in 20mins. It is one of the most beautiful buildings by the river. The Brij Rama palace was made in 1812 overlooking the Munshi/Darbangha ghat. Ownership changed many hands and it finally opened for business as a hotel last year after nearly 2 decades of renovation. The elevator which brings you up to the hotel from the ghat is a refurbished version of the first ever elevator installed in India. If it fits your budget - I highly recommend staying at this hotel. Not only is it one of the oldest palaces here (apart from Ramnagar fort) but it's also located plum next to the Dasahwamedh ghat famous for its evening Aarti.