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Ramnagar Fort

- Ramnagar FortBuilt in 17th century by Kashi naresh, this sandstone structure was once home of royals for nearly 400 years. The durbaar of fort is converted into museum where one can witness the swords, the ornaments, antiques, palenquins kept on display.
Pallavi Sareen
But that is not all, Ramnagar is more than just a small village, there is an entire town on the interiors and even a popular historic place preserved by the Archaeological survey of India- Ramnagar Fort.
Maitri .
Though the title of ‘Maharaja’ has been abolished long since, the elderly members of royal family are still addressed as the same. 
Ruchita Katiyar
Our next stop was Ramnagar Fort. This fort's architecture is simple and aesthetic. Its artifacts showcases the entire timeline of 'Benarasi' culture. The Vintage cars and carts, the apparels, the arms and ammunition - everything was archaic! I loved a clock here, which showed the position of the sun, moon and details of a zodiac sign. Truly awesome! Ask someone for the famous lassi shop around. Do not miss it! :)