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Anil Kumar
This fascinating Mughal garden is located approximately 70 kms south of Srinagar with Banihal mountain ranges in the vicinity. The Mughal garden, Srinagar has a total area of 5.30 hectares with a beautifully manicured lawns and huge chinar trees with a gushing mountain spring of Verinag, a major source of river Jhelum right into the garden. This garden was built by Jahangir and Shah Jahan in two parts during their time. The Mughal Jehangir had come to Verinag and spell bound by the spring he had built a pool, a pavilion, and a garden around it and later his son Shah Jahan enlarged the garden and added baradaris and hammams and increased the class of the Mughal garden here in Verinag. The garden takes its inspiration from the Quranic description of heaven as having four rivers, of wine, honey, milk, and water. This Mughal garden is also rectangular in shape with two bisects with Jhelum spring on the upper column and the garden with spring flowing on the lower column.Year Built: - 1619-1620 by Jehangir and 1626-1627 by Shah Jahan.Entry Fee: - 10 rs per person.Mughal garden Timings to Visit: - 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.Location: - 26 kms from Anantnag headquarters and a 2hrs drive from Srinagar.