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Anantagiri Hills

Babu Reddy
I was planning for a bike ride to Anantagiri hills from a long time, but always something important comes up and it postponed.Finally ride was set on 10th December with Climbon group, we were around 30 people and 20 bikes. Anantagiri Hills is 80Km from Hyderabad. Our group started bike ride at 6.30AM, man what chilling weather it is, I was almost shivering while driving because of cool breeze but has to say, it's one of the best experiences. Rising sun, 20 bikes in single line and a perfect road.We stopped for breakfast in Chevella, 35km from Hyderabad. First thing we did once we got off the bikes was looking for tea, because everyone was literally shivering. After breakfast, we had a formal introduction with all people in group. Started our ride to Anantagiri. Now it's almost set, warm sun rays, filled tummys and cool wind. Listening to old songs in headset, as a part of bike chain, driving is much more fun than normal.
Ashish Hegde
A Temple located admits hills with Forest covering around it making this place very special. The ride to Ananthagiri hills from Hyderabad is around 80 Kms one way. This can be done leisurely in 2 hours with tea and Snack Breaks in between.
Abhishek Singhania
Enjoy the ride from Hyderabad to Ananthagiri hills (80 Kms approx), start early morning & feel the refreshing nature, Nothing much to explore but if someone loves the journey without caring much about the destination, the place is worth a weekend ride.
Madhumita Banerjee
Hilly area.. You can trek through the jungle and enjoy!