New friends in Krakow



The first time I ever solo-travelled was in 2015 through Europe after a semester abroad in Germany. I was a pretty shy person and not one to openly talk to strangers. In my second week of travelling alone, I had already been to Vienna and Budapest, but I hadn't talked to many people at all aside from a few shop and restaurant owners. I really did keep to myself.

I was in Krakow for 5 nights and had done a half-day tour at the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps which was incredible for me being a history-lover. I then rushed back to do an afternoon street food walking tour of Krakow. I clicked with so many people on that tour- in particular the local tour guide who happened to have the same Lord of the Rings tattoo as me and a lovely French girl who was also by herself that I'm still friends with today.

Photo of New friends in Krakow 1/2 by Krysti Jaims
My awesome tour guide from Krakow

We had the most amazing afternoon trying herring, lard, vodka shots, all sorts of traditional local food that lasted well into the evening, because after the tour the guide invited us all to join him for a beer at a local bar. After hours of socialising and enjoying the $1 pints, the French girl and I finished the great day together with margaritas and pierogi in front of St Mary's Basilica in the Main Market Square. I remember getting back to my AirBnb which I had to myself late at night (the first time to be out after dark on my trip)- and being on such a buzz.

Photo of New friends in Krakow 2/2 by Krysti Jaims
Fantastic way to finish the day

Krakow was such an amazing historical city and I felt so alive having gone there by myself and seeing all of these incredible sights and making new friends. It was the first time I opened up on my travels and I was kicking myself that I hadn't done it earlier.

I discovered I shouldn't be so shy and to open up more to strangers, because other people can really make your trip so much more special. Now it's what I love the most about travelling and thinking back to that particular day always gets me so pumped and energised for new adventures ahead.