Pune's global palette – Restaurants that dish out offbeat cuisines!


Pune has a vibrant food scene. Its strong student and working population have nurtured a wide variety of cuisines. Chinese, Italian, American and West Asian food have been a part of our palette for a long time. What global cuisines were not available here back 10 years, many a restaurants have come up with global dishes on their menu. DCS Connect writes about the new recruits in Pune’s food army.

  • Korean – Café Maroo, Aundh

This restaurant is designed to look like a Korean house. The service reflects this homely feel. Mozzarella sizzlers, rice roll cakes, Korean pancake, multi herb teas and the famous Korean bulgogi are just some of the dishes served at this restaurant.

  • African – Stew Art, Kothrud

India’s 1st stew speciality restaurant also serves some stews from Africa and West Indies. The stews range from spicy to sweet and sour.

Stews are the national dish of many countries and represent the flavour of that country.

Vietnamese herb salads, pork stews, coconut jelly dessert, flan and Vietnamese black coffee will take you to the culturally rich land of Vietnam. The décor and seating is ultra-casual and relaxing.

  • Japanese – Harajuku, The O Hotel, Koregaon Park

Japan might be famous for sushi and teriyaki. But they have much more to offer. Sashimi, temaki, makimono, duck breast, teriyaki, steamed fish, teppanyaki and bento meals. You might not take a trip to japan, but you can always go to koregaon park!

  • Mexican – Margarita deck, Kalyani Nagar

Nachos, tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas are regular cravings for any Mexican food enthusiast. It’s time to add lamb chilli, chimichangas, taquitos, tortillas, fajitas, burritos and wood fired pizzas to that list. They also have a wide range of Mexican liquor.

We watch channels like TLC, ndtv good times and fox life. We read travel books by famous travellers and food and travel blogs. What we don’t do is travel to such exotic lands. The least we can do is welcome these cuisines to our city. Happy eating!

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