My first journey when I am Started

17th Jul 2021
Day 1

When I am class 10th . The time i am started my first travel where I traveling through a train from Ranchi to Raipur Chhattisgarh.
Where I visit so many good places and waterfalls and Temple.
Tragedy is happen when I am coming back from completed my trip from Raipur to Ranchi.
I am forget my Train Tickets . And I am only rembering my coach number and birth number.
I take a seat and go upper and sleep.
In the night T.T. is come and ask about the ticket.
But I am not open my eyes is wait for 5 mins and go.
My train reached at Raipur station at 4:00 Am in the morning.
This is a day I am Started Traveling and I am love Traveler.