Jin Pahar in Madina,wadi jinn, Saudi Arabia


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Wadi Al-Baida, also called Wadi Al-Jinn, is a mysterious valley where cars move without drivers touching them. The valley is situated some 30 km northwest of Madinah. It draws the attention of thousands of locals and visitors from around the Kingdom and abroad. Many city dwellers travel to this natural park and erect tents for a few days, especially during the weekend.

My curiosity made me go and explore the valley, after hearing the unusual stories. It is a beautiful place, with trees surrounded by mountains, no houses or signs of any city or village.

Wadi al-Baida (Arabic: وادي البيضاء, romanized: Wādī al-Baīḍāʾ, lit. 'The White Valley'), locally known as Wadi al-Jinn (Arabic: وادي الجن, romanized: Wādī al-Jinn, lit. 'Valley of the Jinns'), is a valley and an anti-gravity hill in al-Baida Park located approximately 30 kilometers northwest of Medina in the Medina Province of Saudi Arabia. Owing to its optical illusion, vehicles left out of gear in the valley appear to be rolling uphill against the gravity, thus, making the area popular among locals and pilgrims to be purportedly haunted by Jinns, the shape-shifting supernatural creatures featured in both pre-Islamic Arabian folklores and Islamic beliefs. However, the Al Madinah Region Development Authority in 2020 rebutted claims of any spiritual presence in the valley.

Transportation cost: From Madina

Up + Down reserve car = 100 Saudi Riyal