Weekend Getaway in Savannah, GA

16th May 2015
Photo of Weekend Getaway in Savannah, GA 1/1 by WanderNiks

An atypical place, with its own unique atmosphere and vegetation. Great city to walk around, anytime of the year - even in the heat of the summer it's very shady thanks to those beautiful trees.

Don't expect much to do, it's a good destination if you want to wander around and enjoy the scenery.

Have you been to Savannah ? Tell me about it !!

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An idyllic park overlooked by beautiful trees. Such a quiet and lovely place.

Boardwalk along the mississippi river. A bit disappointed with the actual view and dirty water.

Craving for a little beach time we headed to Tybee Island located 18miles east of Savannah.We carefully climbed the 178 steps to the top of the lighthouse and enjoyed the ocean view ! I was personally hugging the wall of the lighthouse, it was very windy and the fence is not the safest I feel. But it's just my vertigo parano that speaks. If you're afraid of heights, you've been warned !