Mokokchung Tourism and Travel Guide

Home to the Ao Naga tribe, the city of Mokokchung is slowly becoming an important urban centre for the state of Nagaland. It's also a great place to visit if exploring history and culture interests you. Longkhum is a beautiful hillock with snug houses and beautiful scenery enveloping it. There goes a saying that 'one visit to Longkhum is not enough, since you have to come back for your soul'. The place is so spectacular that you leave a part of your soul behind. It would also be enlightening to visit Ungma, a village that will offer you glimpses into the life of the Ao tribe. Mokokchung is blessed with an array of caves, be it the pristine caves of Peren, Mongzu ki and Fusen kei, or the enchanting caves of Langpangkong, which are situated between the Dikhu valley and Tzula river.

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