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We started our journey from Chandigarh and headed towards Himachal Pradesh, The road is really nice and the people are really friendly. Our driver Bedi Ji was a quite chill and friendly person playing Punjabi songs on the road. Once you reach the border of Himachal and Punjab it is like going to another country where Punjab is full of plains, Agricultural fields where as Himachal is full of mountains and hills from the border itself. As soon as you enter Himachal, you start to get the breeze, the view is like never ending mountains. The total travel time from Chandigarh to Tosh is 13 hrs so it was a long journey. We stopped few times just to enjoy the view .it was almost evening we stopped for lunch and had hot cup of tea with it, it was starting to get cold we again started, after driving for some time we started to get many rivers on the way, I tell u I haven’t seen rivers so clear and blue ever you can just see the rocks below, as it was evening we entered a tunnel it was almost 2km long, when we got out of the tunnel we felt like we entered a refrigerator, the temperature suddenly dropped, we were going higher and higher, after sometime we stopped for dinner somewhere 150kms before tosh. Now it was our final stretch to tosh, as it was almost 8:30 we could see stars which were really clear, but the stars were matching up with the lights on the mountains, the view was like endless mountains on the sky. We reached bhuntar or kullu airport its almost 60km from here, there are two diversions from here the left one will take you to manali and right goes towards the hippie villages. It was almost 1:30 in the night when we reached tosh, I tell you I have never felt this cold in my life, when we reached tosh we passed many famous places like kasol and manikaran but the road to tosh is until some extent only you have to trek 1.5km to reach tosh, we asked our driver whether we will get stay at this time he told to go to pinky didis you’ll get everything, when we got down each of us were wearing more than 3 layers of clothes, I had forgotten to wear shoes at that point, when I stepped out of the car it was an electric shock for my feet, you could see snow packs around you, we went to tosh and asked about pinky didis they told it is the last place on the village, we went and got rooms for ourselves and quickly got under the warm blankets, the next day when I woke up it was 4 degrees and damn cold I just couldn’t keep my feet on the ground I wore 2 socks and slipper then I was able to keep my feet down, when coming out of the room it was my life’s best morning till date I could see snow peaks all around me it was just magical, at 2400 feet tosh village is the last accessible village on the parvati valley, it is surrounded by mountains from all the sides, tosh has the most splendid views whether it is snow-clad peaks, waterfalls or green hills tosh has it all, we never knew that we were in a hostel with café attached , the café is called 360 café tosh, it is the best placed café in tosh with a breathtaking view and balcony. We had our breakfast there, I tell you Maggie and coffee never felt that good in my life, just taking one bite of the hot Maggie is completely out of the world,

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Best time to visit Tosh is from March to June

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