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Nepal is a stunning, relaxing and friendly place and after the craziness of India my partner and I were indeed ready for something less intense! Liam and I travelled from India into Nepal at the border in Sonauli where we spent the night in a hotel called Paradise Hotel which it most definitely was not! The room was so vile and we didn't dare use the bathroom and just wrapped ourselves in our sleeping bags hoping we wouldn't wake up covered in rashes! During the night Liam heard a rustling noise but it wasn't until the morning when we were packing our rucksacks that we discovered what the rustling was when I was startled by a mouse which ran out of my bag and into the bathroom.That morning we continued our journey towards Kathmandu and in total it took 20 hours to travel from Varanasi to Kathmandu. We arrived in Kathmandu and spent a couple of nights there to chill out and catch up on sleep. We immediately felt happy and relaxed in the capital and the shop owners weren't as pushy as they had been in India and we were able to enjoy wandering around without being hassled. The food was delicious too and everything was really great.

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