Pristine Gorkhey

27th Apr 2018

Gorkhey, the pristine beauty

Photo of Pristine Gorkhey by Trablogger

Gorkhey village kind of shares borders with quite a few places. Sikkim is near, Nepal isn't too far. But West Bengal got lucky to have Gorkhey within it's borders.

Why lucky?

When everything in the world gets corrupted, when everywhere in the world gets polluted, when every walk of life gets busier and faster, finding an unspoilt nature would be like finding elixir!

Photo of Gorkhey, Gorkhey, West Bengal, India by Trablogger

The air is clean, land is green, the weather is cold, health is good, life is slow, houses are simple, people are kind, food is organic and what more a man need to ask for a peaceful living?!

Time moves slow here!

Growing up in a fast paced life might have taken away much of the inborn potentials from us. We might not even have a reference point to check how people would have lived happily without running after "success" as defined by the present societal norms.

Photo of Pristine Gorkhey by Trablogger

Life is simpler here. If the weather is good for farming, people are happy. If the sun comes out from the clouds, people are even happier. If they get a good harvest throughout the year, that is the happiest moment.

Gorkhey is around 4 hours drive from Darjeeling.

A city dweller would have difficulty in accepting a life much far from a strong wifi signal. But still he or she would think of staying here for longer or even settling down here. That is the magic of this place.

One might have heard picture perfect places or places that look right off from a beautiful painting. If you want to see such a place, do pay a visit to Gorkhey village.

Please don't blame me if you don't want to come back from there.