South Africa Is Now Open for Indians and Here Are All the Details You Need to Plan Your Trip

Photo of South Africa Is Now Open for Indians and Here Are All the Details You Need to Plan Your Trip by the_tripster

Due to global pandemic and due to rising COVID-19 cases in India, there are only a few countries that are allowing Indian travelers and South Africa is one of them.

South Africa is a country that has so many things to offer. From interacting with Penguins to enjoying a breath-taking view from Table Mountains, you certainly can't get enough of South Africa.

If you are itching to take an international trip, South Africa is the perfect destination that I would recommend. Hence, I have created an itinerary that would help you to finalize your plan.

1) Air Travel – There are only 2 airlines that are flying in and out of South Africa i.e., Qatar Airways and Emirates. I would highly recommend considering flying via Qatar Airways as there are no flight cancellations and the service is also good. Try and opt to land in Cape Town as there are many places that you can explore there.

2) Key Requirements – The only thing that you need along with a valid visa when you are flying to South Africa is a RT-PCR test that you need to do in a time frame of 72 hours before you arrive to South Africa. If your report is negative, then you can easily enter South Africa.

3) Itinerary – Now comes the most exciting part. I have listed down 7 places that you can visit when you come to South Africa.

a. Boulders Beach (The Penguin Beach) – One of the best beaches in the world where you can interact with Penguins. It is not every day that you can interact with Penguins. Be it a family trip or if you are traveling solo, Boulders beach has to be on your list.

b. Table Mountains – After experiencing the beach view, you can opt for a spectacular mountain view from The Table Mountains. You can even enjoy a good cup of coffee at the café that operates at the tabletop. If you are lucky, you can even play with the clouds :)

c. BoKaap – The place where the colors come alive. All the houses in BoKaap are colored with bright colors which can be a perfect back drop to get your photo shoot done.

d. Camps Bay & Twelve Apostles Terrace – If you want to enjoy some mesmerizing views you have to visit Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles Terrace provides a perfect back drop. It is also called as Miami of South Africa. You will see some of the most beautiful vintage cars and you can also enjoy good music while sipping a cup of coffee at any of the cafes.

e. Lion & Safari Park - Trip to South Africa will be incomplete if you haven't experienced the wild life and there is no better place to experience it than at Lion & Safari Park at Johannesburg. It is the number 1 tourist attraction in South Africa.

f. Kruger National Park/Pilanesberg National Park - If you are interested in Wild Life Safari and want to have a close encounter with the animals, Kruger National Park is the place to be. If you want to take your safari experience to a next level, try night safari, it is a different adventure all together.

There are many more exciting places that you can visit. For instance, if you want to experience the night life, Durban is the place to be. The party scene in Durban is crazy. However, I have not mentioned it here as you may experience the same in your own city. But if you need more details, you can always DM me and I can share all the required details.

I will be sharing more stories from South Africa as I start traveling again.

Till then, Keep Traveling, Keep Exploring, Like a Tripster!