Spiti - My encounter with a different world #lifechangingtrip

23rd Jun 2018
Photo of Spiti - My encounter with a different world #lifechangingtrip 1/3 by Palak Checker

The antidote for civilization

Mountains are magical but at Spiti, there is something beyond magic. It was against the odds that I got the chance to visit this isolated land of old monasteries and scenic glaciers. It is a beautifully painted canvas. The magnificent views are spellbinding. One sees an inconceivable beauty with every turn the road takes. Life surprises us every single minute. Keeping my eyes wide open, trying to absorb all the positivity, serenity and peace that the mountains had to offer, I was lucky to witness this delightful location on a full moon night, when the light strikes different angles of the mighty mountains and accentuates the alluring peaks. The landscapes so easy on the eyes were so strenuous to conquer. There is something humbling about those mountains. Maybe its their tall and grandiose appearance or the initial intimidation when one casts the eyes on them.

Photo of Spiti - My encounter with a different world #lifechangingtrip 2/3 by Palak Checker

Everybody Dies But Not Everybody Lives

“God himself was the master of ceremonies in that heavenly court. Oh Khusrau! Where the prophet too was shedding light like a candle. - KHUSRAU”

While the cities remain in the oven for most of the time of the year, Spiti continues to calm the storm in you. One day the colossal peaks will appear white and the other day the brown prodigious mountains will keep on painting themselves. All seasons appear differently. The manifestation of the river Spiti is mesmerizing all throughout, from tickling streams to raging floods, it is a unique display of nature.

Photo of Spiti - My encounter with a different world #lifechangingtrip 3/3 by Palak Checker

The Way To Fly

They say that, "once you have tasted the sky, you will forever look up”. Once you have been here, there is no coming back.  Spiti shall be rememberd as one fine memoir. You would not mind traveling solo to this place because there comes a point in life when we must draw a line between ourselves and the rest of the people existing on this planet. When every single person is skeptical about the other, travel alone to give a few people the benefit of doubt. Spiti is the reward that you get after days of rough traveling through bumpy roads and rugged terrain. All throughout, you would see the windswept roads through the trans Himalayan mountain ranges. The wonderful gift of sky high mountains and a glacier fed river is what you get after striving for hours on the roads.

Photo of Spiti Valley, Marango Rangarik, Himachal Pradesh by Palak Checker

The Land Leading To Nowhere But Freedom

There is charm in every curve of the concrete paths. Be it Nako, Tabo, Dhankar, each place holds a different hypnotic beauty.  The people are blessed to have been a part of that enchanting charm that these towns holds. Staying at a homestay is another blissful thing that will happen. They say that when traveling, stay up with the locals and that holds true for a reason. You get to know the culture, the lifestyle and that indeed brings about a lot of changes in you as a person.  The first stop on the wheels definitely has to be the Key Monastery. The kids playing in the premises, monks chanting their prayers, it is all music in satiation. Despite the bone chilling cold, the spellbinding pleasantness of the Buddha statue in Langza is delightful. The green pastures that you suddenly see out of nowhere in the barren middle land gives you immense pleasure and are a delight to the eyes. The snow-clad mountains awe-struck every single individual and leaves everyone speechless. I have been seeing this place for a long time on all the travelogues. Famous for the worlds highest post office and the highest restaurant accessible via motorable road, Hikkim appeared different to me in person. Just a small village, with such serenity and quietness with a harmonious concord.

Photo of Spiti - My encounter with a different world #lifechangingtrip by Palak Checker

Until Next Time

Leaving the place after seven days was very difficult - Those mountains shall remain in my heart forever until we meet again. This place does wonders to the soul that seeks solitude, satiation and answers to questions that can only be answered by oneself. When we are free from the chaotic life. Free to think what we are here for... This place will definitely help you find your answers!!