Jibhified to Spititually Spitified.

11th Oct 2019
Day 1

Nothing is permanent in life and life must go on... It all started with my recent love for travel and exploring myself. No wonder traveling these days is much more a style statement for many and less of exploration. Every Tom Dick or Harry today is traveling for flaunting Insta posts or some Facebook DP' s so on and so forth. But do you know there is still a chunk of people who believe traveling is self-exploration. Thankfully, I can consider myself in that cadre of travelers. Two months ago, I traveled to Jibhi and Jalori pass with a group of people whom I had never met before, except for one known face of my friend.  That 4-day trip did something so good to me and I wanted it to never end.   The dense pine forests, tranquil freshwater lakes, and pristine temples make this place worth visiting. Each view was so mesmerizing that it took my heart away. The trip included a trek to Serloskar lake. Which is a 5 hr trek in total, going and coming back. It was the first trek of my life, ever  . Those beautiful trails covered with trees, topsy-turvy curves, all of it was so serene. Walking down silently throughout the paths, I had kind of a self intruding session with myself. In the lap of nature, surrounded by lush green forests of Jalori, I was fresh and lively with my thoughts of life. I was somewhat able to broaden my mind. Somehow at that point in life, I was already struggling with a few doubts and trust me this trip gave me all the answers. It was an eye-opener for me. I was able to take some much-required decisions of both my personal and professional life. I was able to see a new me, who is sorted, clear, thoughtful and mindful. I had a spark within which was compelling me to go for new opportunities. While coming back I had made up my mind to end the negativity from my life and look at the new me who is exciting, pumped up for new opportunities, confident and a lot more. I somehow started liking writing. Speaking my heart out through small poetry, Shayari. I somehow was able to live the song “Mein shayar to nahiii,,magar in haseen wadiyon ko jabse dekha maine, mujhko shayari agyi...” speaking much about my part in Jalori, it is a beautiful relaxing place to visit, an unexplored village of Banjar which is soothing to both your mind and soul. With scenic views of enchanting mountains scattered all over, it takes you away from the city buzz and calms your soul. With pure bliss, it will holistically revive you. I am so refreshed that soon after that last week, I had spent my days in Spiti valley, 'Splendid' is the word And currently, I'm at that stage wherein I am completely in love with every place I went to in Spiti from Manali to Kaza to Hikkim to Langza to all the small towns to off roads. Now I say I am Jibhified to spiritually Spitified. woooo... Thanks to my self-exploration expedition.....

Places to visit in Jibhi - Serloskar Lake Trek, Jibhi waterfalls, Balo Temple.

Famous eateries - Hari Om café, Mothers Café

Tip of the trip - Carry comfortable clothes, shoes and other wearables. The best time to visit is from May to December. For a fun-filled adventure, pack your bags and get on-board for the next trip to Jibhi.....