Hike to Little Adam's Rock, Ella

20th Jun 2019

Hiking to Adam's Rock

Photo of Hike to Little Adam's Rock, Ella by TraveLo

Hike to Ella rock:

If you are in Ella and don’t go hiking to the bigger Ella rock, it is a sheer waste of your time and money. I am sure you really don’t want to miss it. It all started when a Canadian brought this up to an Indian and an Indian brought along a German (@oldewufo) to join with a British. So, five stranger from 4 different countries turns out to complete this adventure together. We really didn’t have an idea about the trail nor we had any guide with us. We were completely on our own just following whatever we could find on the internet. We were lost twice during the trek but it really didn’t matter since we were all together in this. Talking to each other, sharing stories of our travelling experience. We were sweating out the memories with a stranger. Sometimes, stranger are the best listener because you really don’t care what you share with them because it is pretty rare that you would see them again. So, you just let your heart out and talk to them freely.

The trek starts from a Ella railway station and then it takes you through a bridge following the railway track towards Kandy. Then, you pass by a rivulet through tea gardens making your way to the top . It is a bit tiring thing to do but the finest one to experience it in Sri Lanka.

Day 1

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