Sringeri Tourism and Travel Guide

While taking a walk beside the Tunga River, Adi Shankara, a philosopher, witnessed a frog being sheltered from the harsh sun by the hood of a snake. This beautiful incident gave him the impetus to build the first Matha at Sringeri and put it on India’s map. This beautiful hill town in Karnataka with its gradient slopes is a visual delight. A number of historic temples dot the land of Sringeri. Sharadamba Temple, Mallikarjuna Temple, Vidyashankara Temple and the mutt of Adi Shankara are just to name a few. The Zodiac Pillars in the Vidyashankara Temple are famous for the zodiac signs engraved on them. These zodiacal pillars are architectural beauties a few of which also showcase astronomical concepts. On the banks of Tunga, you can spend time feeding fishes or walk to the Uluve Bird Sanctuary and catch a glimpse of the hundreds of cranes that live here. Apart from the spiritual intensity of Sringeri, what holds much value is the spectacular natural beauty that surrounds it. A trek through the forests from Kigga to Narasimha Parvatha offers decent views of the hills. At a little distance from Kigga is the village of Maghe Bailu in the lap of evergreen forests. Another unique thing about this village is that people of the village produce their own electricity! Advaith Lancer offers a cozy stay at Sringeri but before heading to the hotel, spend a lazy evening at Agumbe and witness the beautiful sun gradually fading into the valley of the thick evergreen forest.
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