Talakadu Tourism and Travel Guide

Also known as Talakad, this is a town in the Chamaraanagar in Karnataka and is perfect for a history tour. Many parts of this ancient toen where even prehistoric remains have been found is covered by sand dunes and the reason for thgis s unknown. Being on the banks of the River Cauvery, the beauty of this place is extraordinary. The sand temples are the main attractions here and the credit for these goes to the Chola Kings. There are various legends behind this town. It is said that once here lived a saint by the name of Somadatta and while he and disciples were on their way to the Shiva temple, they were attacked by elephants and killed. It is said that they were reborn in the form of elephants and worshipped lord Shiva in the form of a tree. Once two men Tala and Kadu tried to cut this tree and blood came out of it. They immediately stopped cutting it and at the end tried to heal it with the leaves and fruits of the same tree. It is said that Lord Shiva himself got cured and is thus known as Vaidyanath. The Cholas later built a Vaidyanatheshwara Temple out here.
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