Tallinn - Enchanting Capital of Estonia

15th Feb 2019

Tallinn, Estonia

Photo of Tallinn - Enchanting Capital of Estonia by Pramila Bharti

On the month of February 2019, me and my husband went on a trip to beautiful Baltic States (i.e. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia).

We liked the feel of Old Town so much that we decided to book our stay there itself. We booked ‘Old Town Munkenhof Guesthouse’. It's a hostel with food facilities and very reasonable charges (compared to other hostels in Old Town).

After the walking tour, we wanted to explore the cuisine of Estonia. After trying our hands at multiple places, very firmly I am recommending following:

III Drakon

At this place you can feel like you are back to Medieval times, by all means. All your senses will tell you the same story.

It's a small place with minimal lights, mostly candle, authentic medieval food with the owner of the place dressed to match the mood of Medieval feel. The owner, she is an amazing woman with the friendliest smile ever. And the joy at her face after she serves food is unmatched to anything at Tallinn.

I had soup there, along with spinach pie and pickels. My husband had Ribs, along with beer in a pot (a real pot!!). Food was really good. You can feel the freshness of it.

It's a MUST visit to each and everyone of you, if you plan to visit this beautiful city. I cannot emphasize more on it. May be few photos of this place can help you more on deciding:

KGB Museum

So, there are two (as if one place of horror and torture was not enough).

One is on the top floor of Hotel Viru, right outside the gate of the old town. This is a guided trip where they will explain the sorry sight of people who had to go-through it in their lifetime. This is not an exact KGB prison, but it's more like a museum where they collected all the artifacts.

Other one is a KGB prison, a real one. Here you can see the actual cells, where prisoners used to stay and imagine life over there (only if you want to imagine!). It also has an interrogation and solidarity cell. Very heart wrenching sight.

Me and my husband went to the KGB prison, not the museum. If you have limited time at Tallinn, I suggest you do the same.

Lennusadam - Seaplane Harbour

This place was one of the best places we went at Tallinn. So it's a maritime museum where you can find all sorts of fishing gears and boats used in the history of Estonia. They have audio guided tours which help one understand the importance of all the artifacts. The main attraction of this museum is a submarine, which was used in World war II. Visitors are allowed to go inside the submarine. Isn’t it amazing. A must visit place.

With the walking tour, we also came across the Toompea Castle, which is now acting as the Parliament of Estonia, the Kohtuotsa viewing platform, which was breathtaking in every sense. Also, the amazing Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Toompea Castle

Kohtuotsa viewing platform

Photo of Kohtuotsa viewing platform, Kohtu, Tallinn, Estonia by Pramila Bharti
Photo of Kohtuotsa viewing platform, Kohtu, Tallinn, Estonia by Pramila Bharti

Here I am planning to share our experience at Tallinn, Estonia -

About people, we met the friendliest people of Baltic states there. If in Tallinn, I strongly suggest you to go for a walking tour at Old Town. Trust me there is no better way to explore the city, understand the culture, gather information about incredible sites, stories and legends. The local guides are so passionate and entertaining. They really do bring life to the history of the city. A lovely experience, overall.

Photo of III Draakon, Raekoja plats, Tallinn, Estonia by Pramila Bharti
Photo of III Draakon, Raekoja plats, Tallinn, Estonia by Pramila Bharti
Photo of Olde Hansa, Vana turg, Tallinn, Estonia by Pramila Bharti
Photo of RØST Bakery, Rotermanni, Tallinn, Estonia by Pramila Bharti
Photo of RØST Bakery, Rotermanni, Tallinn, Estonia by Pramila Bharti

Olde Hansa

Same as III Drakon, it will give you medieval times feeling but at the high end. We had our dinner here on the first night at Tallinn. It's a bit expensive compared to III Drakon. This place will make you feel as if you are on the sets of Game of Thrones, it's that real! Go for it only if you want some good wine with your food as III Drakon doesn't serve that. Otherwise, III Drakon is anyday a better option.

RØST Bakery

I cannot forget the smell of cinnamon when I entered this place. It was so dreamy! Almost impossible to resist.

So we went to this place for our breakfast. We had Croissant, Cinnamon roll and Coffee. It was super yum! We also packed rye bread from this place for dinner.

The best thing about this place (apart from the smell of cinnamon powder) is that they make bread just in front of your eyes. You can eat and cherish the effort behind it at the same time. Such an amazing place. DO NOT MISS it...

Some pictures to take over your senses..

I am listing down a few must sight-seeing places.. These are must because they pretty much capture the essence and history of the city.

Photo of Seaplane Harbour, Vesilennuki, Tallinn, Estonia by Pramila Bharti
Photo of Old Town of Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia by Pramila Bharti
Photo of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Lossi plats, Tallinn, Estonia by Pramila Bharti
Photo of Toompea Castle, Lossi plats, Tallinn, Estonia by Pramila Bharti

Old Town

Let me say again, please do not miss the walking tour of the Old town at Tallinn. Along with beautiful stories about the culture and history of Estonia, you will also learn their independence struggle, how they sang to it - The Singing Revolution of Baltic States. We simply loved the enchanting stories!

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Tallinn was indeed a remarkably different place, in good sense, especially food and people.

I urge you all to please visit the lesser known Baltic States in Eastern Europe. You will be amazed, for sure!

Note: February is a bit chilly there. So do look at the weather forecast before you plan your trip.