Explore your calling - Mountains or Beaches !

Photo of Explore your calling - Mountains or Beaches ! by Richa Sahai
Photo of Explore your calling - Mountains or Beaches ! 1/1 by Richa Sahai

We often hear people ask - "Are you a mountain lover"? or perhaps saying - "I am such a beach person" ! Even more, while deciding a destination, we end up being surrounded by people often in clash over the "right" destination. While there may be a few wanting to explore the hills, there are others who would prefer to just lay down on a sunny shore and relax.

Ever wondered what makes us connect so deeply to the mountains, rivers, beaches and forests, so much so, that we almost end up calling ourselves the "mountain soul" and "beach bum"? Why we feel more alive in the presence of that part of the nature more?

Fact : It depicts the state of our own minds. It tells a part of us that we, consciously or unconsciously, do not think of much when we call ourselves the kind of vacation lover we are.

As much as the destination that needs to be decided has a lot of considerable factors that are taken into account, like the distance, money, the previous vacation and much more, the relatability to one kind of landscape has a lot more to say about the kind of person one may be.

This revelation has been holding itself true for the longest time and even today, it proves to stand tall ! You just need to deep dive and see what resonates with you!

Mountains depict stillness. They portray the necessity of staying grounded, or perhaps standing one's own ground. No matter the wind, the air, the avalanches, the landslides - they stand deeply rooted to their being. The forests in the mountains find their way and so does the rivers.

The unsettled in you can find solace in the mountains. If you have been an introvert, they surely would connect with you, for they help you release the expressions you behold inside. Just like you target a mountain, you aim to conquer it and you eventually reach to the top of it, you feel a sense of achievement, they truly tell you how you can conquer all the mountains in life by just moving - upwards and onwards. Changing perspectives can change the entire view from the top. They can put out the creator in you to the forefront. They tell you to believe in yourself and take the plunge, walk alone and meet your deepest fears.

If you are person who overthinks, speculates a lot, is perhaps unable to take the plunge, you might notice your inclination towards moving to mountains. If you are a person who loves to adventure but perhaps are fearful of venturing out alone, you may find yourself loving the mountains more over the beaches.

Not only that, a person who is looking for that sense of achievement in life, that little push that can help them climb the ladder of life a little more, seek their ways to the mountains, or perhaps, if I may say, connect to the life in the mountains more. They are mostly creative headed, happy with their deep conversation skill and looking for a circle of like minded people which are theirs to keep for life. Basically, dreamers catching their own sunshine !

On the contrary, the oceans and the beaches are full of mystery. They paint a picture of a life beyond the horizons, beyond the naked eye, which exists inside us but we merely fail to see it. They are a symbol of movement. The restlessness of the oceans can be very soothing to those who are constantly chasing life with endless possibilities. They relate with this never settling attitude of the oceans, that clearly standout for never being at peace, and yet being so peaceful as we dive deeper.

If you are the one who is ambitious and constantly looking for the next best thing to achieve, it may so happen that you are person to love the oceans and beaches. They are enormous, powerful and hold a life in themselves - simply overpowering. And anyone who loves to be in power and visualises a life larger than the existing one would connect more with the never ending oceans. They have a social side, an empowering side to go over and beyond that which merely exists. It is for the souls that are excited by the roaring waves, the ever changing skies and the exciting life at the beachfront. The go getters cheering their life up and beyond - basically, never-say-die souls !

Either way, being close to Mother Earth is calming in ways beyond comprehension. The hills may calm you, while the beaches may just be prove to be more therapeutic. It is merely a choice that comes from within. Some places talks to us a little more than the other - while the world still remains beautiful because of the existence of the both !

Do Share your opinions about what kind of person you are and which landscape connects with you more.

Happy Reading ❤

Richa Sahai