Private trip from Athens to Delphi


Explore two iconic Greek cultural landmarks with this Private Trip from Athens to Delphi and Meteora. It will simplify the formalities of organizing an excursion and ensure a more enjoyable journey, plus it includes travel with an experienced guide.

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Discover Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where pilgrims came to consult Apollo's oracle. Take in its atmospheric ruins and museum with valuable pieces like its bronze Charioteer of Delphi statue.

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Athens – Beotia

Plutarch was a notable member of society at Chaeronea on the edge of Boeotia as well as an accomplished writer and essayist. His style was rooted in early Greek tradition but featured many novel features; among these innovations were treating female figures as autonomous persons with inner qualities highlighted such as Athena's epistylia (epistylia). Additionally, his unique treatment of facial expression made them seem inward-facing rather than archaic smiling figures that radiate archaic smiles instead; instead.

After driving through the fertile plain of Beotia and passing through Levadia and Arachova towns, you will arrive in Delphi - famous for being home to ancient oracles such as Apollo. Here, you can visit both his Temple of Apollo as well as a museum featuring Ancient Greek sculpture masterpieces such as bronze Charioteer. Due to its hillside location and constant uphill walking along dirt surfaces (as well as some paved ones), guests should arrive with good physical condition in mind and sensible shoes are highly advised!

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Beotia – Theva

According to legend, Delphi's legendary oracle gave King Aegeus advice regarding Aethra Pittheus, Pittheus' daughter by Aphrodite. One cryptic answer offered was not alcohol but sexual relations as Aegeus had suffered sterility issues.

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Discover the ancient center of Earth on an easy day trip from Athens with an audio guide on your phone and no carbon footprint! Along the way, visit Beotia and Theva where you will gain insight into their history, myths and legends while seeing some of Greece's most breathtaking archaeological sites. Suitable for all ages, the price includes pickup/dropoff from selected centrally located hotels within Athens (exact pickup points will be communicated upon booking); please bring along a valid passport and credit card as identification will be necessary upon departure for identification purposes.

Theva – Mt. Parnassos

An alluring mountain, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, mesmerizes you with its incredible landscapes. Charming scenes, verdant forests and hidden mysteries lure you inwards for exploration of this hidden mountain's depths.

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Parnassos is one of the most prominent mountainous regions in Greece, known for its rich biodiversity and breathtaking views. Its massive massif offers hiking, climbing and winter sports opportunities aplenty; additionally it's home to villages such as Delphi, Arachova and Agoriani.

Hiking is an immensely popular summer activity, but professional guidance should always be sought if venturing onto steep and rocky parts of a mountain range. One such trail is E4, starting in Agoliani village and crossing some of the most stunning parts of Parnassus Mountains all the way to Delphi Oracle; another great route leads up Rachi Psari peak - southern Parnonas' highest point!

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Mt. Parnassos – Delphi

Explore the breathtaking mountain region of Makedonia as you journey towards Delphi, passing by Beotia and Theva cities before stopping outside Livadia village for a short rest stop.

Delphi, an ancient sanctuary located beneath Mount Parnassus, is home to an oracle where Apollo spoke through. Leaders from Greek cities would come here during times of social, political or economic crises in order to seek guidance from Pythia (typically an audible or spoken message from Delphi), often times following her advice; except when their ego got in the way.

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At Delphi, you will visit its Treasury, Temple of Apollo and well-preserved 3rd Century Theater as well as taking a break at its Cafeteria where local products may be purchased. At the conclusion of your tour you will reunite with your transportation to head back towards Athens.