Travel a lot ! Here's what it did to me !

Photo of Travel a lot ! Here's what it did to me ! by Nikhil Aggarwal

-> Confidence

There was a time when I was a very confused guy. Confused in making decisions, lacking confidence to accept the situation. As I started to travel I saw a really vast change. It helped me in decision making, adjusting into situations and moreover help me build my confidence that I may not have gathered yet.

-> Getting Social

I was a very introvert guy, who had a problem of gelling up with people especially girls. Travelling with strangers forced me to get social. I started to enjoy talking to people not just over the internet but face to face in the real world. It helped me in sharing my thoughts(good and bad) with people around.

-> Physical strength

You travel and you will feel a energy like no other. Travelling trains you to be the best version of yours. It increases your strength, not just physically but also emotionally. Trekking once or twice in a year can rejuvenate yourself. You will see the effects while working and spending time with your loved ones.

-> Love for Nature

This encloses a lot of stuff for me. I was always very keen to be close with nature. Once I get close to nature, it teaches me a new lesson. It shows you how small you are in front of Mother Earth. The hidden beauty will drag you closer to Nature. With every place I visit my love for nature just grows even more. It is one reason I started photography.

-> Life Skills

Go out and you will learn something new everyday. Travelling taught me some skills that made me a better individual. Activities like pitching tents, river rafting, mountain climbing makes you a stronger person inside out. You will love to face challenges instead of fearing them once you start loving these activities.

-> Moments to cherish

While on a trip, you will have moments you won't find happening at that time but once you back home you will wish if you can just live those moments again. It happens with me so often. The memories left are carried away everywhere you go, no matter how old you grow. When you think of them, you will always find a smile on your face.

-> The bond with People

Whether on a solo trip or with family. A trip always brings you closer to people you travel, especially if you are with family. When travelling Solo, I have made friends I just can't forget. Some leave, some stay. Those who stay are always special and will always be. I still talk to a lot of them remembering each and every priceless moment.