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However, if you are looking for a serene beach to unwind with a book, pick a less organized one on the northern coast of the island, like Ayia Ánna,Houlákia, Kápari, Agrári and Ayios Stéfanos....

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Little Venice

Another tour one can do from Mykonos is to an uninhabited island called Delos half an hour sail away. Delos is the birthplace of Goddess Athena's twins - the two most important and ancient Greek gods -Apollo (the sun god) and Artemis (the moon goddess).On reaching the island you can tour the ruins of the entire city - the ancient homes, guest quarters, public places, markets and temples- all very well planned. Even more amazing is their water harvesting system which would work even in the present day and age! There is also a museum which can be visited to see the exhibits from all the historical periods represented on the island. The excavations are still in progress and it is a UNESCO heritage site .
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Agia Anna

Wall diving in Agia Anna it’s just five minutes boat ride from Lia Beach. It’s a large dive site, rich in marine life, with a beautiful topography. The wall starts at 4m and the rocks go down to ~26meters depth. Expect to meet large schools of fish, octopus, moray eels, sea stars, sea urchins, sponges and many more! Next of this wall diving, exist a small wreck which is ideal for beginners and refresh dive. There are no currents, making wall diving ideal even for non-experienced divers.
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About Anna II

In transit with a cargo of cement she sank within sight of Lia Beach and sits intact on the sea bed! The wreck of “ANNA II”, a 62m. long cargo ship that sunk in the South-East part of Mykonos on 20 July of 1995, is one of the best wreck dives. “Anna II” was built on 1966 by the Fa Hijlkema & Zonen BODEWES SCHEEPWERK N. V. shipyard in Holland, operated for the I/S Knud Sif Kopenhagen, with first name as “Knud Sif”. Ship remains in excellent condition and it is possible to enter in a small part of it. The site around the wreck is also very interesting, with a reef of a great biodiversity and a lot of big colorful sponges! This wreck serves as spectacular artificial reef, attracting an incredible diversity of marine life.
Anna II

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