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The route we had planned for was: Chennai - Nellore - Badvel - Jamalamadugu - Gandikota - Belum - Hospet - Hampi - Tungabadra - Anantapur - Chitoor - Chennai We reached Nellore around 8 PM and had some nice, spicy nellore dosas for dinner there....

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Hidden in a small village in Anantapur, Lepakshi is a culturally and archaeologically significant place....

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18 Km, Nh-7 Hampapuram Village , Rapthadu Mandal, Anantapur
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About Anantapur

Lepakshi is located in Mandal, a small village in Anantpur district, which is 120 kms from Bangalore and 15 kms from Hindupur. When one travels from Bangalore, except the last 20 kms into the village, the remaining roads are tolled highways and it takes around 2.5-3hrs to reach Lepakshi from Bangalore city.Local Legend There are two interesting myths associated with Lepakshi’s origin. This place has a significant role in one of the great Indian epics Ramayana. It is said that the bird Jatayu, was wounded by the King of Lanka, during Jayatu’s futile attempt to save Sita from Ravana. As the result of the battle, Jatayu’s wings fell off on the rocks here. When Rama reached the spot, he saw the suffering bird and said affectionately, “Le Pakshi” (meaning “Arise, bird”) in Telugu.

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