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Located about 250 km from Chennai and about 80 km from Pondicherry, Chidambaram is well known for the famous Nataraja Temple. Thronged by visitors from across the country, the temple is known for its architectural brilliance and reverence. If you are here, you must also visit the Pichavaram Wetlands. Considered to be the second largest wetlands in the world, the boat ride here is quite an adventure. The mangroves surrounding the wetlands add charm to the scenic beauty of the Pichavaram. Do also visit the Pichavaram backwaters in case you have more time on your hands. During February, the beautiful Natyanjali Dance Festival takes place and it's a great time to visit!

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This has given rise to the secret of Chidambaram aka “Chidambara Rahasyam” as it is known in Tamil....

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Chidambaram Ragasiyam (Chidambaram Secret) is a place inside the temple where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi is said to reside in an invincible form which is visible only to saints and rishis Chidambaram is a place which should be visited at least once in your lifetime and fortunately I have got the opportunity to visit this place every week for my official work!!!...

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Uppanaru River, Pichavaram, Chidambaram


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