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Ladakh has been becoming a popular destination for riders over the past few years. While most people ride up till Pangong Tso Lake till either Lukung or Spangmik, very very few ride further alongside the Pangong Tso. Doing this route requires permits from Leh, but it is a route that you don't want to miss the next time you are in Ladakh!45 kms ahead of Spangmik is Chushul, a very small village with great ITBP presence, due to the village's proximity to China. Among all the mountains you will see from here, there will be a mix of Indian & Chinese mountains!How far? 15 kmsNeighbouring Country: ChinaCan you cross the border? No. This is as far as one can get to China from here!2. TURTUK, JAMMU & KASHMIR

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