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Aru kiman dur? (How much more?)I turned around and saw my friends struggling to climb up the hill. One had already removed his jacket and tied it around his waist. We were on our way to the India-Burma (now Myanmar) border that was on top of a hill. While we waited in silence, a slight breeze hit my face and I heard the chirping of a bird not so far away. Though the sun was directly overhead, in the middle of the afternoon, the breeze made me forget the heat for a while. I turned around and saw our guide aimlessly looking around waiting for us to resume our trail.Let’s go guys! And I started walking again.How come you’re not already tired? One of my friends asked.My stamina is better than you two, I said with a mocking smile. Now let’s go!After some more huffing and puffing, we finally reached the top. I excitedly looked around but all I saw was barren land on one side and big bushes on the other. My friends and I exchanged confused look. Our guide was already on his way towards an abandoned wooden gate, which was hardly seen amidst the bushes. He started climbing up the stairs beyond the gate. We followed him and reached a small clearing on the far top where there was one big stone in the middle. On the stone was carved India on one side and Burma on the side. We were finally there.

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