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There is something about Lucerne, one of Switzerland's most popular cities but the least city-like of them all....

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The old town of Lucern stands stunning with its oldest wooden bridge in Europe called the Kapelbrucke or the chapel bridge with a wasserturm( a water tank), next to it, both built in the 14th century. ...

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Lion Monument

'The saddest and the most moving piece of rock in the world' according to Mark Twain, the Lion Monument was designed by the Danish sculptor Berthel Thorwaldsen and carved by Lukas Ahorn and is nothing but a heart-wrenching depiction of a dying lion. It commemorates the Swiss guards who lost their lives while defending Louis XVI of France during the French Revolution. The 'Lowendenkmal' is located in Denkmalstrasse, about a kilometre from the Chapel Bridge and perfectly walkable.
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