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Dal Lake

Dal LakeHave always heard about Kashmir’s Dal Lake – either, parents have always spoken about this one place or it has been made tremendously popular with the numerous movies & songs shot here. Truly scenic, Dal Lake could definitely do with some less crowd to preserve its natural beauty. Nevertheless, the lake surrounded by towering mountains on three sides is scattered with colourful & brightly painted shikaras all along it - the most unique feature of the lake being the floating market. There would be shikaras rowing all the way up to you giving you options of buying veggies & flowers, shawls & souvenirs or just wearing the already-worn-a-million-times traditional Kashmiri attire & pose for a snap. Don’t forget to grab some kulfi from a vendor sailing by!Mughal GardensShalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, Chashme Shahi & Pari Mahal, together form the touristy Mughal Gardens in and around the Dal Lake. All of them are pretty botanical gardens built during the Mughal times, blooming with roses, the hundred odd years old traditional Chinar trees, refreshing fountains & natural springs, making it a perfect picnic spot for a bright Sunday afternoon. Kashmir for foodies!How can you travel to Kashmir & not taste the rich & regal Kashmiri kahwa – light liquor tea drenched with dry fruits – clearly tea for the rich, what with one small ‘paper’ cup costing some 30 bucks.For dinner, we zeroed in on ‘Mughal Darbar’. Mughal Darbar is to Kashmir what Peter Cat is to Kolkata, Britannia to Mumbai & Kareem’s to Delhi – old, traditional, authentic, oozing with culture & lots of food! Being thorough carnivours, we ordered the Kashmiri Wazwan – a state of the art dish with various kinds of meat preparations served on a heap of rice. Guests sit together & share this meal, out of a large plate. Apparently the original Wazwan is supposed to have around 36 courses – after this, all I could say was...burrrp!
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Nishat Mughal Gardens

If you have time and a car then travel to kashmir.Himachal pardesh lies in lower range of Himalayas (highest elevation point is above 6000m, but road after manali is risky) where as kashmir lies in zanskar range and greater himalayan range. Following are the points that makes it reasonable to travel to kashmir1) if you are going by road. You love driving ? This is the road for you. From jammu to srinagar it will take strainght 9 to 10 hrs. The road is in excellent condition NH1 (GT road) road becomes narrow after Banihal. Might get a little traffic jam in patni topStill thre road is not broken till batote village Where it gets little bumpy for 500 m .view will be mesmerizing might fall in love with it. Srinagar is valley surrounded by peaks ( from a point you can even see patni top) If you ask somebody "where should a tourist go"Answer will be - Pahalgam,gulmarg, sonemarg,Dal lake, these are some common tourist destinations.A) So if you are going to Pahalgam the road again is in very well condition ( a stream will be following the road !B) If you are going to gulmarg it is also very nice road ! Dont be in shock if see some autorikshaw going their. C) if you are going to sonemarg ! There road is nice but will face traffic jam consuming 2-3 hours (only if you travel in amarnath yatra's time). The road then becomes dangourous when you travel a bit more higher to zojila pass the road is quiet scary actually their is no road just pebbles you are driving on with heavy traffic and army convoys makes ot terrible.Nevertheless when you reach zojila pass you'll forget everything ! 2) places to hide away from stubborn crowd ! If you love peace and want to alone These are some places and advice A) Pahalgam- As soon as you enter Pahalgam pony wala's will be following you telling the most crowded destination. Advice- ignore them, book a hotel online (if travelling in peak season) for convince. Roam in the markets the day you reach. Dont just start trekking the same day. Wake up early in morning like 7 am. Go to any pony wala ! Ask them to take you to #tulian valley. If they try to manipulate your decision for tulian and say they'll take to baisaran dont ever say "ohky" ( baisaran or mini Switzerland is most crowded place in Pahalgam). Go to tulian no where else. (15km trek)( see my next blog to find more about pahlgam and place where peace prevails)B) if you are going to gulmarg -Gulmarg is place where every tourist will Definetly go. There is no hide away from crowd actually ! But if you are high on budget you can go to hotel Khyber in their restaurant! From where you can have a pleasant view of gulmarg's peaks ( a blog will be published about gulmarg soon ) C) if you are going to sone marg - sonemarg is can give you instant chills but it crowded there too ! Sonemarg is place where tourists prefer to go less than pahalgam and gulmarg as it is far from srinagar and is the only highway that connects srinagar to leh ! The traffic is main problem there. If you dont want to stuck there. Go even higher to zojila pass ! Where crowd is litle less ! The main thing about sonemarg is change terrains one hand you can see green mountains with vegetation and on the other hand the peaks straight sky touching greyish peaks that represent the ladakhi mountains ! ( a blog about region between srinagar and kargil will be published soon)3) dont go with MMT or others If you really want to enjoy this trip go solo Go with friends or family not in packages These packages will bound in time and the trip will become miserable ! - travelling to kashmir is far better than travelling to himachal pardesh as long as you are not planing to travel to leh ! Stay away from crowded places and overrated places in himchal pardesh !
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