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The melodious chorus of temple bells, the sweet fragrance of incense and the positive energy in Mathura city all come together to offer you an experience unlike another. The most popular temple in the birthplace of Shri Krishna is the Dwarkadesh Temple, which is home to a lovely shrine of Lord Krishna and Radha among other deities. And if you happen to visit the temple during the festivals of Janmashtami, Diwali and Holi, you'll be in for a huge surprise. The energy of the temple and the city will take you by storm and you will fall in love with the small energetic town. The culture of Mathura is perhaps what attracts people to this lovely town rather than its mythological importance, though one can't deny or undermine its mythological significance. Among other places to visit, you can head to Vishram Ghat, Rangji temple and Govind Deo temple. Sacred for both Jains and Buddhists, Mathura sees people from across the world. A meeting point for people from all cultures, there is much to learn and explore in this lovely city. Finding a place to to stay here is not a problem at all since there are a number of small dharamshalas as well as luxurious resorts.

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His juniors from Diploma College PMV Mathura came to pick me up at the station and I halted the night in Mathura....

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After passing by Mathura so many times on my way to my hometown in Rajasthan and fighting the impulse to jump out and explore this historic town whenever the train halted at Mathura, last weekend I just decided to go on a one day trip to Mathura....

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Top Places To Visit in Mathura 45 Spots

Banks of River Yamuna, Mathura
I just sat here for a coupe of hours and felt strangely calm even amidst the crowd and the chaos
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Naya Bazaar, Mathura
It is a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, the main shine is 5-storied supported by 72 pillars and is said to be about 2200 years old. It is also a part of the Char Dham pilgrimage considered sacred by Hindus.
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