Mathura with my 19 month old

31st Jul 2015

Yet another weekend, but the plan for it half-baked. We wanted to go nearby at the same time the plan was to train travel, for my little one gets super excited on seeing trains. 

We left Gurgaon at 4 am for Delhi railway station (nizamuddin). Parked our car at railway station (200rs per day).got the tickets for super fast train on the spot, boarded Taj express at 7am and reached Mathura at 9am.ensure to get your tickets booked in advance as this route has quite a rush always. And even more rush in festive season. 
We hired an auto for Rs 120 to Janambhoomi (birthplace of Lord Krishna). Dumped our belongings at a guest house and started exploring the place on foot. The streets are usually filled with tourists throughout the year, but this time it was even more crowded yet fun owing to the festivities of savan. 
We started with janam bhoomi temple. Beautiful and well maintained spacious temple. It is even more fun to visit this temple at the time of Aarti. 
We came out and started exploring the market just outside the temple. Toys, sweets, idols, bangles and all sort of souvenirs are available here. But my favorite here was having Batasha and bhallas (golgappas and aloo tikki)  at the extreme corner shop of the road. 
Next stop was gurdwara Nanak bagichi. This gurdwara is dedicated to Guru Nanak Dev Jee. 
Next we started for vaishno Devi temple, approx 12 kms from mathura. This temple is on Chhatikara-Vrindavan road and has a very huge Idol of the Goddess which  is clearly visible from National Highway. Beautiful temple, but one has to deposit all belongings in the temple before entering the main worship place. This temple has a cave with idols and is beautiful. 
Mathura is a place that has something for everyone, from high end eateries to local chaat vendors everything is just amazing. If you want a change from daily food, try dhokla at Radhika sweets,  Ghewar at Radha Rani, Pedas at Brijwasi. Also, if you are not afraid of crowd, check out some good food and enjoy shopping at Holigate. Try Lassi, doodh pakori, badaam milk.. 
After enjoying our food we came back for some rest at our guest house. 
In the evening our Next destination was a local fair (saavan mela) at Ram Leela Maidan. This is a must try to get the actual feel of Mathura's simplicity. A small and less crowded but total enjoyment affair. It has so much to offer, from  swings to a local circus to local Nautanki (dance skit). Indulge in shooting balloons,  get yourself clicked in local studio 80's style, take all amusement park rides at just Rs 20 per ride. And of course try food, from ice cream  to local chaat to local sweets like khajla . One of the things I really liked here was local chaat of kaanji vada, a must try for those who like spicy gol gappa paani (heeng/asafoetida flavor). Haha. 
While coming back my shopping bag was full of some really reasonably priced toys, tea cups and colorful bangles. Came back to our guest house. End of day 1.
Day 2 early morning we left for Gurdwara Guru Ka Taal. This Gurdwara is on Agra road and approx 40kms from mathura. This gurdwara is dedicated to Guru Teg Bahadur jee. It can be easily reached by local buses and autos. On the way back to mathura, you can eat at McDonald's or  Domino's or pizza Hut (last two are inside Highway Plaza mall). All on same national Highway. 
We came back to mathura and started  for Banke Bihari ji temple and Iskon temple. They both are beautiful. Darshan of Banke Bihari jee is considered very auspicious. Iskon temple has a very peaceful environment and gives a feeling of tranquility once you visit this place. 
Our next stop brijwasi Royale for food. Good ambience and good food.Time to run to railway station, our train is waiting. 
Weekend is about to finish, but what a weekend  :-)
Alternative ways to reach mathura from Gurgaon : Gurgaon to Delhi and then train/bus to mathura, direct bus to mathura from Gurgaon bus stand, bus to balabgarh from Gurgaon and from there another bus to mathura, private taxi, own car...... Enjoy. 

The birth place of Lord Krishna, yummy Food and a well defined culture

Gurdwara Nanak Bagichi

Photo of Mathura by Gurpreet

Saavan mela

Photo of Mathura by Gurpreet
Photo of Mathura by Gurpreet
Gurdwara Guru ka taal