Vrindavan Tourism & Travel Guide

Don’t forget to buy Brijwasi ke pede, the famous sweet shop of Vrindavan. 5....

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An evening in Vrindavan Save the flirtatious cavorting the rest of it is still intact in Vrindavan....

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Top Places To Visit 10 Spots

Iskcon Temple and Prem mandir: These are modern temples in Vrindavan which are very grand and beautiful. Both are located half a km away from each other and are worth a visit.
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Banke Bihari temple is one of the oldest and most sacred temple in Vrindavan where you can get famous sweet known as Pera. It is said that journey of Vrindavan is incomplete if we don't visit Banke Bihari temple.
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About Vrindavan

The more one hears about Vrindavan, the more beautiful and alluring the small town becomes. The birth place of Lord Krishna, Vrindavan is visited by tourists from all over the world. With its colourful streets and crowded lanes, this small town may not offer you a respite from the chaos of the cities, but it certainly gives you an experience unlike any other. Located about 11 km from Mathura, a perfect trip should see you combine an excursion to both these towns together. The more popular temples here are the Madan Mohan Temple, near Kali Ghat, Meera Bai Temple and the lovely Prem Mandir. Dedicated to love and situated about 10 km from the centre of town, this is a must visit! Most temples here are dedicated to Lord Krishna and significant episodes in his life. If this is your first visit here, do a little research and speak to locals before deciding which temples you'd like to visit. There are tons of hotels and guesthouses in Vrindavan, and you can decide your hotel according to your budget and choice.

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Vrindavan is from October to March


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