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by 1.30pm to catch the bus for Nako...! Destination 5 - Nako Village... in the Middle Kinnaur and Nako... valley. We arrived at Nako...

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up the little mountain at Nako... was what we had planned to leave NAKO... at that point. Nako village and lake...

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Nako Lake

I walked up to the famous Nako lake which was a little ahead of the beautiful monastery that transported me into a different world altogether...a surreal experience, must say! We then drove towards Tabo - our destination for the day which was around 2 hours away...I was thrilled to know that this was a downhill drive into the plains; my breathing pattern was now getting consistent and I was slowly getting used to the low levels of oxygen.
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Nako Gompa

Nako Monastery Spread across the valley of vastness in Lahaul and Spiti, the Nako monastery is nestled in the Nako village. One of the most scenic monasteries in the country, you can easily stay in the guestrooms of the monastery. The monastery receives a considerate amount of footfall during the summer months but during the winters the monastery remains fairly remote. Nako Lake freezes in the winters and converts to a haven for migratory birds in the summers. Nako hides treasures of yesterday with ancient Thangkas and clay made statues and figures of deities. If you are unable to find a room to stay in the monastery you can easily opt for a home stay in the village, the locals are always happy to help.
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About Nako

A picturesque village tucked away in the Himalayas, near the Indo-China border in district Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. It can be reached via the bus to Reckong Peo from Delhi. Nako Lake is the main attraction of this hamlet, flanked by mountains, which are adorned by stupas. Nako is every bit Tibetan in its features, with Nako Gompa being another prominent place, home to 11th century chapels containing vibrant sculptures, murals and festival masks. One can always take the far removed hiking trail leading to the charming Tashigang village (which even has homestays now for your much desired soulful village experience), from where a continued trek can take you to caves and a shrine. Food can only be enjoyed at hotels, such as the Lake View hotel, which overlooks the Nako lake, or Knaygoh Kinner Camps, where one can enjoy accommodation and gorge on Indian and Chinese dishes within cozy en suite tents.

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