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My Experience at Rottnest island was really amazing....

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SEGWAY TOURS ON ROTTNEST ISLAND If you’re staying in Freo, Rottnest is a must....

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Colebatch Ave, Rottnest Island WA 6161, Australia
Aristos Cafe at Waterfront was a little pricey for our backpackers' pockets, yet we relished every bit of the food we ate. Truly Australian cuisine was the highlight of our trip!
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Henderson Avenue, Rottnest Island, Cockburn, Rottnest Island, Western Australia 6161
With old colonial buildings on one side and the pristine ocean marked with beautiful lighthouses on the other; we enjoyed the mark of beginning our journey on the most amazing coastline of Thomas Bay. Rustic cottages, old mills and vintage bricks all around us got my enthusiastic photographer out and all around the place with my camera!
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About Rottnest Island

So Rottnest Island was amazing, another place that I know I will never be able to forget in a million years. We got on the ferry two days ago and it took about 30 mins to get there, which isnt too bad at all. The first thing we did when we got there, was dumped our bags and went to se what the nearest beach was like and well it was stunning. We thought that the beaches we had seen in Perth so far were amazing, but they havent got anything on this, the beaches are out of this world and more beautiful than anything you would ever see in a magazine. We were in another YHA here, which was actually a converted army barracks and we even had real matresses there (aka not made of sponge). The girls we were sharing our room with were from Dartford, so it was a bit like a home from home hearing our own accents for a bit while we were there.

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Best time to visit Rottnest Island is from September to March
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