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Day 4: The Start to an Epic Adventure: Leh -->; Stok Village -->; Chang MaTTH had organized a bus to ferry us till Stok village, the start point to this herculean adventure. It takes around 45-60 mins to reach Stok village. The drive to Stok village is one to remember, crossing numerous landscapes.Once at Stok village gear up by applying enough sunscreen, take out your cap and glares, and drink enough water. Today is an extremely hot day, so much so that I switched to trekking shorts within 1 hour. The horses and the support staff take the trail next to the river, whereas we take the more adventurous hilly trail. The initial 1-1.5 hours is seriously taxing on the body; due to the body not used to this harsh landscape + a hot, dry day.

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Best time to visit Stok is from June to September

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